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            One-head LED Security Light

            MK-A0336-000P / MK-A0335-000P

            Designed for indoor and outdoor use

            Detect Distance: 12 meters or 40ft

            Detect Angle: 180°

            Color temperature: 4000K

            Time Control: 5s ~ 3mins

            Ambient Light (LUX) sensor: 5 ~ 35 lx

            Sensitivity Adjustment: 3 m (10ft) ~ 12 m (40ft)


            Construction: Aluminum heatsink with good heat dissipation, PC diffuser.

            Mounting: Wall mount only


            Luminous flux: 400lm

            Luminous flux efficacy: 70 lm/W

            Color rendering index: >80

            Beam angle: 120°

            LED lamp: 2835

            Life time: 30000Hours

            Wattage: 6 Watt

            Input voltage: DC 7.4V

            Power factor: >0.90


            Dimensions: 181mm × 145mm × 270mm

            Luminaire material: PC/ABS

            Dimming: Non-dimmable

            Electrical safety: Class III

            IP rating: IP44

            Operation temperature: -20°C ~ +45°C

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            Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China 52388
            (86) 769-8158-9333
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